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   This agreement is made between RightWay NetWorking LLC ("The Company") and the undersigned real estate office ("Office").


   "The Company" agrees to provide "Office" with their Customized Presentation Folders FREE OF CHARGE for One Full calendar year from the date of the 1st delivery of folders to "Office". "The Company" agrees to provide a maximum of Three Shipments of Presentation Folders in increments of a thousand per shipment. After initial dlivery of Presentation Folders the remainder of shipments is ordered/printed/delivered at the request of the "Office". "Office" shall: (1) accept delivery of each shipment of presentation folders from "The Company"; and (2) distribute the presentation folders throughout the year to potential clients.


   Presentation folders will include information specific to the "Office" on the front cover. "The Company" is engaged in the business of selling sponsor's to be placed on the inside pockets & backside of the presentation folders which shall contain sponsor's company information and mesage. "The Company" screens sponsors and will not place any sponsor that is questionable or unethical.


   The initial term of this agreement is for one (1) year. "Office" agrees that no other company will provide their "Office" or agents with their free Customized Presentation Folders other than "RightWay NetWorking LLC" for agreed upon stated time. In the event of "Office" decides to cancel this agreement, "Office" is responsible for refunding vendors who have pre-reserved/reserved spots on presentation folders prior to cancellation. All parties in this agreement will act in good faith towards the other. This agreement shall not be modified except by written agreement by "RightWay NetWorking LLC" and the undersigned "Office". This agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, successors and assigns of both parties and must be included in any bill of sale.

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